FREE Baby Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. I know I sure do! Especially, when you’re about to have a baby because let’s face it they’re very expensive!

Unfortunately, I did not have a baby shower because of the anxiety I faced during my pregnancy. Also being that we are one income family every little bit helps. So, I scoured the internet for any deals that I could find.

There are few that seems to be a scam or the companies just didn’t follow through. But the few tips and tricks that I’ve found I’ll be glad to share with you!

These are the one that I’ve found to work:

  1. When you sign up for Amazon’s baby registry and you add all the items on the requirements, and you or someone else purchases something from your registry for ten dollars or more, you are qualified to receive a gift box. I don’t want you to think it’s huge by any means but it’s something. I had received a diaper sample (Huggies I think), an Avent bottle, a small pack of baby wipes, & some samples and a few coupons.
  2. When my baby left the hospital they gave a few samples of his milk. I am not sure if all hospitals do this but mine did.
  3. If you call the formula company and ask for a sample of your baby’s formula they will send it. They usually send coupons also. I’ve been getting a ten dollar coupon from Enfamil every month along with a ten dollar rebate form.
  4. Pampers diapers have a reward system. You can use the points to get some pretty cool stuff on their website or you can use them for coupons off of diapers or gift cards.
  5. If you don’t mind paying shipping & handling you can get a ton of awesome stuff. Check out the links below. I already have the car seat canopy and I’m going to order the baby leggings when he starts to crawl because my entire apartment is carpet. At checkout just use the coupon code: Unexpectedmommy1
    Carseat Canopy


    Nursing Pillow

    Udder Covers

    Bellybutton Band

    Baby Leggings

    Breast Pads

    Ruffle Buns

    Babsy Books

    Eskimo Kids

    Pregnancy Pillows

  6. I have not done this one personally, but I know of persons who have. If you create a baby registry at a Target you can also receive a welcome box. You would just have to pick it up at a Target (Customer Service) near you.

These are the ones that I tried but they did not work for me:

  1. Sam’s Club. I signed up twice and I never received anything.
  2. Walmart- I signed up and I still haven’t received anything.
  3. – All I’ve gotten is a bunch of junk mail. No free formula or diapers as promised.

These are the ones I’ve tried. I don’t know if there are any more out there. So if you know of any good deals feel free to comment them down below. I’m always looking to cut corners and save as much as possible.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out my Youtube page to watch my miscarriage journey.

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I love you guys!

-The Unexpected Mommy


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